Duke's Barber Shop Mercantile Co. is a street-wear collection based off of my barber shop slogan, "It's More Than A Haircut" and reflects the modern gentleman's daily interests and lifestyle. 

My number one focus is the hair cut while ensuring our customers love the way they look. We take the utmost pride in our craft and keeping the traditions of what a barber shop should be. The passion to be unique and look good goes beyond what guard you use on a fade. I've always had a passion for style. What I wear depends on the mood I'm in and the confidence to do that shows. It's also a way to reflect my barber shop like your hair cut, our customers reflect our craft. I am excited to bring this concept and our way of thinking to you. From a young age, my father always taught me to appreciate craftsmanship, vintage style, and goods. My goal is to bring that to my barbershop, as well as the brand. I hope that the brand represents you with the passion for being unique. 

By wearing the brand, you show that you're a part of something; the DBS family, the movement, and our way of thinking. 

Thank You - Duke

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